Food General

    Amy'S Kitchen Lentil Soup400g£2.29
    Biona Aduki Beans Org400g£1.19
    Biona Canellini Beans400g£1.25
    Biona Coconut Oil Org200g£4.84
    Biona Flaxseed Oil250ml£3.21
    Biona Lentils400g£1.30
    Biona Org Chilli Beans395g£1.53
    Biona Org Coconut Cream400ml£2.41
    Biona Org Jackfruit400g£3.29
    Biona Org Rye Bread500g£2.07
    Biona Org Rye&Quinoa Bread500g£2.07
    Biona Org Spelt Pizza Bases300g£3.85
    Biona Passata - Organic700ml£1.64
    Biona W/Meal Spelt Penne500g£2.40
    Biona White Spelt Fusilli Org500g£3.17
    Biona White Spelt Spaghetti500g£3.17
    Biona Whole Spelt Fusilli500g£3.17
    Clearspring Org Rice Syrup330g£3.15
    Clearspring Red Miso Soup4 x 10g£3.94
    Clearspring Rice Wine Vinegar150ml£2.51
    Clearspring Sweet White Miso250g£5.49
    Clearspring White Miso Soup4 x 10g£3.94
    Coconut Merchant Coco Butter200g£2.19
    Coconut Merchant Coconut Butter300g£5.99
    Coconut Merchant Coconut Flour500g£4.49
    Coconut Merchant Org Coco Nectar225ml£5.49
    Coconut Merchant Org Coco Sugar250g£5.49
    Coconut Merchant Org Jam330g£6.59
    Coconut Merchant Syrup250ml£6.59
    Dove 100% Str W/Meal Flour1kg£2.19
    Dove S/R White Flour - Org1kg£1.72
    Doves Farm Rye Flour1kg£1.76
    Doves G/F Plain White Flour1kg£2.50
    Doves Org Plain W/Meal Flour1kg£1.57
    Doves Plain White Flour-Org1kg£1.59
    Doves S/R W/Meal Flour-Org1kg£1.59
    Doves Spelt Flour W/Grain - Org1kg£2.79
    Doves Strong White Flour1.5kg£2.36
    Doves Vitamin C120g£5.27
    Doves Xantham Gum100g£3.75
    Kallo B/Berry&Vanilla Rice Cakes120g£2.52
    Kallo Choc Mini Rice Cakes40g£1.09
    Kallo Dark Choc Rice Cakes90g£2.63
    Kallo French Onion Stock Cubes66g£1.75
    Kallo Lightly Salted Rice Cakes130g£1.85
    Kallo Milk Choc Rice Cakes90g£2.63
    Kallo Org Corn Cakes130g£1.97
    Kallo Org Grain Corn Cakes150g£2.19
    Kallo Org Lentil Rice Cakes100g£2.19
    Kallo Org Low Salt Beef Stock51g£1.75
    Kallo Org Low Salt Chick Stock48g£1.75
    Kallo Org Natural Rice Cereal225g£3.29
    Kallo Org Sesame Rice Cakes130g£1.63
    Kallo Org Veg Stock Cubes66g£1.79
    Kallo Rice Cakes Unsalted130g£1.85
    Kallo Salt&Vinegar Rice Cakes107g£1.95
    Kallo Tomato&Herb Stock Cubes66g£1.75
    Kallo Veg Stock Powder100g£2.95
    Kallo Yeast Free Veg Cubes66g£1.63
    Meridian Barley Malt Extract370g£2.51
    Meridian Grapeseed Oil500ml£4.95
    Meridian Molasses - Org350g£2.18
    Meridian Molasses Org600g£3.29
    Meridian Olive Oil - Org500ml£7.14
    Meridian Organic Sesame Oil500ml£7.49
    Meridian Shoyu Soya Sauce150ml£2.85
    Meridian Shoyu Soya Sauce500ml£4.50
    Meridian Tamari Soya Sauce150ml£2.85
    Meridian Tamari Soya Sauce500ml£5.99
    Meridian Toasted Sesame Oil500ml£6.99
    Meridian Yeast Extract340g£4.38
    Nielsen-Massey Orange Extract 60ml60ml£4.69
    Nielson-Massey Rose Extract 60ml60ml£4.69
    Nielson-Massey Vanilla Extract 60ml60ml£11.98
    Olivado Avocado Oil250ml£7.14
    Suma Butter Beans-Organic400g£1.31
    Suma Chick Peas - Organic400g£1.31
    Suma Mixed Beans - Organic400g£1.31
    Suma Red Kidney Beans Org400g£1.31
    Suma Tomato Puree200g£1.48
    Tree Of Life Banana-Yog Coated Chips125g£1.35
    Tree Of Life Org Spicy Arrabbiata Sauce350g£2.03
    Tree Of Life Peanuts-Carob Ctd125g£1.66
    Tree Of Life Tomato&Basil Sauce 370Ml350g£2.03
    Tree Of Life Apple Cider Vinegar500g£2.51
    Tree Of Life Apple Cider Vinegar1 ltr£3.42
    Tree Of Life Chocolate Brazil Nuts125g£1.89
    Tree Of Life Chocolate Ginger125g£1.60
    Tree Of Life Papaya Diced125g£1.55
    Tree Of Life Papaya Pineapple125g£1.56
    Tree Of Life Peanuts Raisins Yoghurt125g£1.35
    Tree Of Life Peanuts-Yog Coated125g£1.39
    Tree Of Life Pineapple Diced125g£1.09
    Tree Of Life Raisins-Carob Coated125g£1.65
    Tree Of Life Sea Salt-Coarse750g£1.25
    Tree Of Life Sea Salt-Fine750g£1.25
    Tree Of Life Yoghurt Apricots125g£1.75
    Tree Of Life Yoghurt Raisins250g£2.19
    Whole Earth Org Baked Beans400g£1.32

    All prices include 5% GST.