Clif Bar Builders Protein Choc68g£2.25
    Clif Bar Choc Almond Fudge68g£1.75
    Clif Bar Choc H/Nut Butter Bar50g£2.19
    Clif Bar Choc P/Nut Butter Bar50g£2.19
    Clif Bar Chocolate Chip68g£1.75
    Clif Bar White Choc Macadamia68g£1.75
    Conscious Chia & Coconut60g£2.80
    Conscious Four Nuts60g£2.80
    Conscious Maca & Spirulina60g£2.80
    Conscious Orange&Tangerine60g£2.80
    Conscious Org Goji & Coconut60g£2.80
    Conscious Peppermint60g£2.80
    Eat Real Hummus Chillli & Cheese45g£0.75
    Eat Real Lentil Chilli Lemon Chips40g£0.87
    Eat Real Lentil Creamy Dill Chips40g£0.87
    Eat Real Lentil Sea Salt Chips40g£0.87
    Eat Real Lentil Tomato Basil Chips40g£0.87
    Eat Real Multi Pack5 pack£2.40
    Eat Real Quinoa Chips-Chilli & Lime80g£1.96
    Eat Real Sour Cream Quinoa Chips80g£1.96
    Eat Real Tom & Roast G/Lic-Quinoa Chips80g£1.96
    Eat Real Veggie Kale Straws100g£1.90
    Hippeas Puffs - Sweet & Smokin22g£1.20
    Hippeas Puffs - Take It Cheesy22g£1.20
    Karma C/Nut & Vanilla Lotus Seeds25g£1.70
    Karma Caramel Lotus Seeds25g£1.70
    Karma Peri Peri Lotus Seeds25g£1.70
    Karma Wasabi Lotus Seeds25g£1.70
    Kind Bars Almond & Coconut40g£1.64
    Kind Bars Caramel Almond & Sea Salt40g£1.64
    Kind Bars Choc Nuts & Sea Salt40g£1.64
    Kind Bars Maple Glaze Pecan & S/Salt40g£1.64
    Kind Bars P/Butter & Dark Choc40g£1.64
    Montezuma'S Org D/Choc With Chilli100g£2.54
    Montezuma'S Org Dark Choc-Oran&Gera100g£2.54
    Montezuma'S Org Dark Giant Buttons180g£2.95
    Montezuma'S Org Milk Chilli&Lime100g£2.54
    Montezuma'S Org Milk Choc Giant Buttons180g£2.95
    Montezuma'S Org White Choc Giant Buttons180g£2.95
    Nakd Apple Danish30g£0.98
    Nakd Berry Delight - Multipack4x35g£2.96
    Nakd Cashew Cookie35g£0.95
    Nakd Cocoa Delight - Multipack4x35g£2.96
    Nakd Cocoa Orange - Multipack4x35g£2.96
    Nakd Pecan Pie35g£0.95
    Ombar Probiotic Coconut Choc35g£2.36
    Ombar Probiotic Dark 72% Choc38g£2.36
    Ombar Probiotic Strawberry38g£2.36
    Panda Licorice Torpedos Nat Col100g£1.55
    Panda Liquorice Bar32g£0.58
    Panda Liquorice Bar4 pack£2.13
    Panda Liquorice Cuts240g£2.44
    Panda Raspberry Bar32g£0.58
    Pulsin Cashew Maca Bliss Bar35g£1.30
    Taking The Pea Cheesy Peasy40g£1.65
    Taking The Pea Smoked Ham40g£1.65
    Taking The Pea Sweet Chilli40g£1.65
    Taking The Pea Wacky Wasabi40g£1.65
    Vego Dark Nuts & Berries85g£2.95
    Vego Fine Nougat Pralines180g£5.79
    Vego White Almond Bliss Bar50g£2.29
    Vego Whole Hazelnut Choc Bar150g£3.51

    All prices include 5% GST.